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Know more about your teeth

The holiday season has just finished and your fridge has to be filled with greeting cards with images of your loved ones members and friends sporting glowing smiles. In case you missed out on delivering a joyful family picture this year as you are embarrassed about the status of your teeth, then it is time to take some actions. A Lot of People might not know that, but there is a close relationship between bone wellbeing and wholesome teeth. Although technically talking teeth are not really bones, but they are encouraged and anchored by the bone from the jaw and weakening of the jaw bone may result in tooth loss. Since the density of bone behind teeth decreases, they could lose their strong base and might fall out. As we become old, our bones become less dense and this might cause tooth loss. Apart from age, the other factors that can weaken bones from the jaw resulting in tooth loss are.

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Poor Oral Hygiene. Poor oral hygiene May Lead to tooth loss in individuals over 35 decades. Your gums and teeth become more susceptible to dental plaque and illnesses if you do not keep them tidy. The bacteria in the plaque cause disease, which consequently contributes to weakening of bones and tooth loss. Tooth Decay. Also called dental cavities, tooth Corrosion occurs when bacteria made from plaque produce acids which damage teeth. Tooth decay can also be thought to activate bone loss in the jaw resulting in tooth loss. It is evident that maintaining our bones healthy is 1 method of keeping dental health. After all, are not we encouraged to have meals full of calcium and vitamin D from youth for healthy bones and bones? Minerals like Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc are also thought to support healthy teeth and bones. Another mineral that is essential for healthy teeth and bone is strontium and click on

These nutrients may be provided into your system by means of many different bone vitamins and strontium supplements available at the regional supermarket or via online outlets. How else can you look after your teeth? The solution is easy – by keeping appropriate oral and dental hygiene. Some tests to keep in mind are. Brush your teeth cleaning your teeth at least twice per Day If not following every meal using a toothpaste containing fluoride eliminates plaque which can result in tooth decay. Exercising keeps your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and then alter it after two to three weeks. Flossing after brushing helps eliminate plaque and food particles from between your teeth and also the gums. Limit sugar consumption. Excessive ingestion of sugar laden Foods may result in dental cavities as bacteria in the mouth convert blood glucose.